My practice covers the duality stakes between nature and technique, which is part of a questioning on the ambivalence of the natural and the artificial. The resulting plastic research expresses the vision of a possible hybridity, a poetic look at these themes.

The experiments I propose are not limited to the field of contemporary art, as much by their playful and narrative aspect, but also by my production approach, which is close to design or architecture (prototyping, models, editions, etc.).

I am also very open to collaborations between the artistic field and the technical fields (crafts / engineering), do not hesitate to contact me for any proposal.




  • DNSEP, Art Media Environment - ESADHaR, le Havre
  • DNA, Art - ESADHaR, Rouen
  • Bachelor, Plastic Arts - Paris 1
  • BTS graphic design, digital option - Rouen